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"California’s forestlands are at a tipping point. Many of the 20th-century policies do not work in today’s world. California needs to listen to fire experts and sage leaders by dedicating resources to actively manage our forest lands to protect lives and property and ensure forest lands for the public to enjoy for years to come."

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"Known as “hazardous fuels reduction,” such proactive measures have been “underfunded for so long,” said Ann M. Bartuska, a senior advisor at environmental nonprofit Resources for the Future and former Forest Service official. “This really cries out and says, ‘All right, we get it, we need to reduce wildfire risk.’”

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The forest is in such a high density and is facilitating mortality because the trees can’t live when they’re competing with their neighbors,” said Scott Stephens, a professor of fire science and ecologist at UC Berkeley. “They’re just not able to weather episodes of difficulty anymore.”

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“That kind of gets me thinking that this is not business as usual,” Brown told The Associated Press in an interview. “This is a big, overarching threat to California.”

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“In an attempt to protect them, we love our forests to death,” said Chase. “We have attempted to maintain a dynamic system in a static state and it doesn’t work. These problems are not confined to California. Fire adapted forests in western North America and throughout the world are facing these same issues. California has an opportunity to lead the world out of this forest health and fire crisis but it will take bold action.”

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“Californians need to be thinking about and preparing for fires throughout the year,” explains Lenya N. Quinn-Davidson, Area Fire Advisor at the University of California Cooperative Extension. “Active management is a key piece of this puzzle. Activities like thinning, prescribed fire, targeted grazing, and home hardening can help protect our homes and communities from wildfire impacts, and we need to seize every opportunity to employ those tools.”

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